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Optc slots

optc slots

What kind of device do you play OPTC on? . Seeing as this unit is good for orb locking and has two slots, it's a great candidate for ol' reliable. http:// optc slots /#/transfer/S lvl 1 CD, but I probably wouldn't replace redundant slots with damage reduction. One Piece Treasure Cruise Slot Planner.

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Optc slots This guide is awesome, too! In Kombination mit Captain-Fähigkeiten, die denselben Effekt haben, könnt ihr dadurch durch viele Inseln nur so durchzusprinten dadurch extrem wenig oder gar keine HP verlieren und trotzdem beim Endgegner alle Fähigkeiten in Bereitschaft haben. As such, having such a setup will allow pool inline to generally always have the sockets available no matter which team you create. This is because you will always heal way more than what poison or environmental damage will do to your health. Je mehr dieser Slots ein Charakter besitzt, desto mehr Sockets optc slots. I have orb and heal atm but I see everyone with CD and idk if its worth it on him, plus he doesn't really have a base team like Lucci. Well lets start on what to. This route is more for those looking for quicker clears. I realize a lot of these teams are optc slots always F2P friendly but I want to show the pinnacle of what a team can reach to when it comes to maximizing sockets. But, Orb Chance is very nice on this unit as well if you'll be using him in teams spike teams that need his added RCV rate.
By prioritizing the Recovery per turn socket, it means that all units should have 5 Recovery per turn slot which guarantees the 1, heal per turn. Bind, Silence and CD Reduction Why? Deals decent damage but there can be a bit more optimization if you're doing a speed FN run. Get that quick clear as well as safe recommended if you have someone like Rakuyo or in the future Heracles'n. Drawback is that he is a RR unit. Optc slots if 2 Turns thus seem questionable to you Log casinorewards or sign up in seconds. Erhaltene Likes Beiträge 1. People still and will make that mistake im just hoping some people catch it and dont go silence. Wouldn't mind Usopp'n either: Home Characters Evolve Materials Story Isles Special Isles Tierlist. Yeah you might be right, but he give argument about why he thinks it's one of the best. When sockets first came out it was a lot of speculation. Since I would use him primarily for WB I wouldn't want to deal with HP AutoHeal each turn. So it's important to consider them within a typical team you might create. Bind, Despair, CD Reduction, Orbs Why? P Despair sockets are a complete waste on most units in my opinion. Neither Garp nor Mr. Characters who swap the location of orbs with Slot Swap but don't change the color of any orbs. Usually used for INT burst teams who want to finish ASAP. This paired with the Mihawk special's on next turn is going to be astronomical damage. Well they make it the same BUT you have to get meat to get the boost. Sorry I had forgotten Shanks so when I added him I most of deleted Mihawk but he should be up again! Fortnights Colosseum Raidbosse Ambushed-Raids Forests of Training. Wenn ihr eine Unit mit 4 Sockets besitzt, sollte sie, am besten, immer diese 4 besitzen. Sign In Don't have an account? After reading a bit about socket on gamewith, I found something that might be a bit misleading. Now it's becoming more evident that it's super-effective on many teams. In diesem Fall werden gleich mehrere Socket-Ablities für euch interessant, wie z. This spot is taken as well The last spot ideally would go to the new Legend Kizaru who gives your entire team matching orbs which is just awesome. If you plan to use him for Hsk wiesba raid with Whitebeard go this route.

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Bind helps you not get your captain locked and cooldown for less stalling. So how does bandai make a pretty decent socket into a bad socket? But it's definitely closer to what you said after all the time that's passed. I don't know if this is confirmed but does matching orb increase stack with Strong World Shanks' captain ability or Thatch's special? Well, if you don't have legend Doffy or if you can't reliably farm Chaos Colo then yes, Heracles is the best option. I am working on a new one to include basically everything but it takes some time.


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